About Us

 The Nowitzki and Schroeder powerful pair was brought up in a small, southern California beach town. As business partners, they have used their similar backgrounds of living beach and equestrian lifestyles to specialize in horse properties and beach front homes. This team has used their fervor for waterfront views, mastery of interior home décor, and moxie as experienced family women to increase their success within real estate. Having the ability to be in touch with their clientele and their needs isn't always simple, but their gentle yet straightforward approach to helping buyers and sellers, alike, has kept them driving forward during even the hardest of economic times. Their past and present clients have greatly benefited from their great work ethic, personalities, and love of the industry. They recognize that owning a home, condo, or other property in Santa Barbara isn't just about real estate it is owning a way of life that they have a deep appreciation for.